Unravel Me

Short Story ∙ Digital
Warning Lines ∙ Sep 2021
Magazine ∙ Issue II

Literary fiction, an exploration of death and a return to nature.

“My home is a tired old thing. Patterns overbear my wallpaper. Wallpaper overbears my walls.”


Short Story ∙ Print
The Horizon Magazine ∙ July 2021
Magazine ∙ Issue III

A realist folktale about growing up in the wilds.

“I wondered if we were changelings – the ones Mum told me about before bedtime. Difficult and different creatures.”

The Hanged Woman

Flash Fiction ∙ Print
Eerie River ∙ May 2021
Book ∙ Dark Magic

A quick but chilling tale of the witch from the boathouse.

“The people from the hamlet know to stay well away from the wood for fear of disappearing.”

The No One Woman

Flash Fiction ∙ Print
Small Leaf Press ∙ March 2021

From her small corner of the earth, she yearns for more.

“Behind her, she left a trail of impermanent impressions. Unimportant footprints that would be brushed away. Nothing would remain of her when the day was done.”

The Family

Flash Fiction ∙ Digital
Fudoki Magazine ∙ Feb 2021
Literary Blog ∙ Folklore

The story of a family going mad, with strokes of a ghost story.

“I wonder if my family was ever normal, or if, as time has unravelled, they lost their wits.”


Creative Nonfiction ∙ Digital/Print
Boshemia ∙ Dec 2020/2021
Magazine ∙ Out

Exploring intimacy and explaining asexuality.

“Our lives are fragments of memories, half-remembered, but potent. These parts of ourselves, broken or unbroken, when put together, form a lived truth.”


Personal Essay ∙ Print
Sink Magazine ∙ Feb 2021
Magazine ∙ Intimacy

An exploration of growing up, queerness and asexuality.

I’d hoped, crushed between his sheets, I’d have fixed myself but it wasn’t medicine and it didn’t fix me.

The Lady Crow

Short Story ∙ Print
Kandisha Press ∙ Feb 2021
Book ∙ The One That Got Away

A housewife thrust inside a folk-horror.

She had always wanted an all-American housewife smile but she could only muster a tired sense of northern charm.

LIFF Report

Nonfiction ∙ Digital
BFI Network ∙ Nov 2020
Blog ∙ BFI Network

Filmmaker Lucy Rose sinks into her sofa for LIFF.

“Going to LIFF has lit a fire in me. I am burning once again with ideas and inspiration…”

Damn Spot

Short Story ∙ Print
A&A ∙ Oct 2020
Magazine ∙ Twisted Tales

The story of Lady Macbeth’s twisted childhood.

The first witch was called eyes, the second witch was called hands and the third was named lips…

Fleeting Tale of Demeter

Short Story ∙ Digital
The Selkie ∙ May 2020
Book ∙ The Same Havoc

Exploring the aftermath domestic abuse and trauma.

My memories are like the pieces of a jigsaw, all mixed up and none of them seem to fit.

The Orange Seller

Short Story ∙ Print
DBB ∙ Nov 2019
Book ∙ LBFT

Queer romance, fairy tale love & a happy ending.

The girl before me beheld a most precious beauty. More so than any gods could wish upon their fairest muses, or even themselves.

I also had publications featured in CP Quarterly (formally Crepe & Penn), The Ampersand Project (formally Fearless Femme / Fearlessly), Royal Rose Magazine and Drabble via The Scottish Book Trust. These were all published under a pseudonym.