Fiction/Screenwriting Achievements

  • Selected for BIFA Springboard Programme Cohort (2022)
  • Selected as Rogue Mentee with Simeon Care (author) for my novel-in-progress (2022)
  • Received Creative Writing MA (with Distinction) (2021)
  • Shortlisted for the John le Carré Scholarship with Curtis Brown Creative (2021)
  • Shortlisted for scholarship with Faber Academy (2022)
  • Project for screen selected for development with EIFF Talent Lab Connects (2021)
  • Fiction publication in Mslexia (2021)
  • BFI Network funded screenplay (2020)
  • Twice long listed for The Northern Gravy Periodical (2021/22)

Forthcoming Writing

Touch as a List of Horror Films • Personal Essay Meat (Limited Print Anthology, Touch) Forthcoming Nonfiction, how I fell in love with horror films When I felt trapped inside my own skin, it was sitting in a darkened room and watching these films that saw into me at my messiest, my most fragile. It was these films that sat me down and explained to me that I was going to be okay. 

She, The Monster • Short Story • Mathair (Online Magazine) • Forthcoming • Literary fiction, Creature of the Black Lagoon meets The Shape of Water • I decide that you’ve not seen much of the world and all the beauty it harbours. You are spec and our rivers and oceans are infinite.

Featured Fiction and Nonfiction

Itch • Flash Fiction • Mslexia (Print Magazine, Issue 92) • December 2021 • Literary Fiction, an unhinged therapist and a frightened patient • She wants to see inside. Unspool all that is dark. I wonder if she is mad like me.

Changeling ∙ Short Story ∙ The Horizon Magazine (Print Magazine, Issue 3) ∙ July 2021 ∙ Literary Fiction, a modern folktale about growing up in the wild ∙ I wondered if we were changelings – the ones Mum told me about before bedtime. Difficult and different creatures.

Fragments ∙ Creative Nonfiction ∙ Boshemia (Online Magazine & Print, Issue 4) ∙ December 2020 & February 2021 ∙ Nonfiction, exploring intimacy and explaining asexuality ∙ Our lives are fragments of memories, half-remembered, but potent. These parts of ourselves, broken or unbroken, when put together, form a lived truth.

A-Ok ∙ Personal Essay ∙ SINK Magazine (Print Magazine, Issue 2) ∙ February 2021 ∙ Nonfiction, an exploration of growing up, queerness and asexuality ∙ I’d hoped, crushed between his sheets, I’d have fixed myself but it wasn’t medicine and it didn’t fix me.

Other Publications

Unravel Me • Short Story • Warning Lines (Online Magazine) ∙ September 2021 ∙ Literary Fiction, an exploration of death and a return to nature ∙ My home is a tired old thing. Patterns overbear my wallpaper. Wallpaper overbears my walls.

The Hanged WomanFlash FictionEerie River (Print Anthology, Dark Magic) ∙ May 2021 ∙ Horror, a quick but chilling tale of the witch from the boathouse ∙ The people from the hamlet know to stay well away from the wood for fear of disappearing.

The No One Woman ∙ Flash Fiction ∙ Small Leaf Press (Print Magazine, Issue 1) ∙ March 2021 ∙ Literary Fiction, from her small corner of the earth, she learns for more ∙ Behind her, she left a trail of impermanent impressions. Unimportant footprints that would be brushed away. Nothing would remain of her when the day was done.

The Family ∙ Flash Fiction ∙ Fudoki Magazine (Online Magazine) ∙ February 2021 ∙ Literary Fiction, a family goes mad ∙ I wonder if my family was ever normal, or if, as time has unravelled, they lost their wits.

The Lady Crow ∙ Short Story ∙ Kandisha Press (Print Anthology, The One That Got Away) ∙ February 2021 ∙ Literary Fiction, a housewife thrust inside a folk horror ∙ She had always wanted an all-American housewife smile but she could only muster a tired sense of northern charm.

LIFF Report ∙ NonfictionBFI Network (Online Report)November 2020Nonfiction, filmmaker, Lucy Rose, sinks into her sofa for LIFFGoing to LIFF has lit a fire in me. I am burning once again with ideas and inspiration…

Damn Spot ∙ Short Story ∙ A&A (Print Magazine, Issue 2) ∙ October 2020 ∙ YA Literary Horror, the story of Lady Macbeth’s twisted childhood ∙ The first witch was called eyes, the second witch was called hands and the third was named lips.

The Fleeting Tale of Demeter ∙ Short StoryThe Selkie (Digital Anthology, The Same Havoc)May 2020Literary Fiction, exploring the aftermath of domestic traumaMy memories are like the pieces of a jigsaw, all mixed up and none of them seem to fit.

The Orange Seller ∙ Short StoryDBB (Print Anthology, Little Book of Fairy Tales)November 2019YA Literary Fiction, queer romance, fairytale love and a happy endingThe girl before me beheld a most precious beauty. More so than any gods could wish upon their fairest muses, or even themselves.

Misc. Writing

I’ve also had publications featured in CP Quarterly (formally Crepe & Penn), The Ampersand Project (formally Fearless Femme / Fearlessly), Royal Rose Magazine and Drabble via The Scottish Book Trust. These were all published under a pseudonym.