She Lives Alone (2020)

A reclusive tenant lives on the barren Cumbrian moors with her only goal of getting from one day to the next. A familiar but bitter presence begins to fester in the home. Will she expel the spirit or succumb to its dark nature?


She Lives Alone is a BFI Network funded short film produced by Maria Caruana Galizia of Candle and Bell Films. The film has attended 12 film festivals, many of which are BAFTA and Oscar-Qualifying. We are particularly proud that it premiered at Frightfest and then went on to be acquired by ALTER.


“…Rose’s film is a dark and unsettling take on the period film, with a finale that’s bound to etch itself into the mind of FrightFest goers this weekend…” – Twelve Cabins

“Bleakly haunting.” – FrightFest Goer

“This genuinely gave me chills, which is hard to do these days.” – FrightFest Goer

“A beautifully haunting film [that] gives off Bronte vibes, with ghostly moors. And yet, despite the beautiful scenery, I did not want to venture here. Nope, far too creepy. In many scenes you are unsure whether your eyes played tricks on you or if you really did see a face there in the shadows.” – FrightFest Goer

“…The scene between them is a masterclass in unspoken history, and there’s enough backstory here to fill a feature film – but Rose (very wisely) doesn’t try to cram it all into fifteen minutes. Instead, the important points are deftly hinted, following the edict of ‘show, don’t tell’ (and sometimes not even showing, but simply making understood)...” – Horrified Mag



She Lives Alone appeared at Prague International Indie Film Festival, Out on Film (Academy Award-Qualifying), Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Frightfest, Sydney Women’s Film Festival, London Short Film Festival (BAFTA-Qualifying), Leeds International Film Festival (BAFTA & Oscar-Qualifying), Cinemagic Short Film Festival, British Shorts Film Festival Berlin (LichtspielklubI), Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, Northern Frights Film Festival, Buried Alive Horror Film Festival.

  • Winner of Best Cinematography, Nominated for Best Producer, Best Female Director, Best Production Design, Best Hair & MakeUp, Best Short Film and Best Costume.
  • Winner of Best Horror at Sunderland Shorts Film Festival.
  • Winner of Best Drama Under £100k at regional Royal Television Society Awards. | WordPress 2022 ©

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