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For as long as I can remember, I have had a very morbid curiosity with dead things. No sick wonder is derived from this fascination of mine, instead, an overwhelming view of all the answers we are not afforded in life.

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Things I Will Remember From 2021

2021 has been a crazy year for everyone. I’ve watched people I love pass away or move on to new adventures. I’ve stood witness to wold changing events but for this very brief blog post, I wanted to look inwards. These are things I will remember when I get to reminisce in the future. Since […]

How to Escape Creative Block

In its simplest form, Creative Block (as a writer) is where when you sit down at your keyboard, your fingertips graze the keys but then nothing comes. Your vivid mind sinks into a wasteland or a desert with tumbleweeds and scarce cacti. The definition changes slightly from person to person, but one thing we can […]


One of the flaws of an ambitious creative is our hunger to be the best, and to be the best right this minute. It’s all-consuming at times. We’re desperate to leave our mark on the world and mercilessly hope the mark is profound. A trap many of us fall into (myself included) is being so […]

2020 Round Up

This year, I have had over 125 rejections, and that, at times, has really drop kicked my confidence. HOWEVER, I have had some incredible wins that I am so grateful for this year. Here is my round up! I made a short film with some really amazing people. The short film in question, She Lives […]


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